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Juice Fasting: Don't Let the Rocky Road Fool You

by Carla Douglin 04/30/2012

I love when people comment on my videos! One of the comments I received recently intrigued me and prompted today's video response. The person said:

"I have to say that if your weird diet practice cause you to be physically or mentally ill you need to change the way you eat. The body is absolutely able to take care of itself on any whole, real, food diet. If you are having hypoglycemia, or weird issues the diet is to blame, not you."

Am I "mentally ill"?!?!? LMAO!!!!

Interesting perspective… and while I do believe that the body's main function is to heal itself, I believe that process is helped so much more when we give it the right and perfect fuel. I do not see this as a "crazy" or "weird" way of eating… I see it as a way to mainline HUGE amounts of fruits, veggies and herbs straight into my system! Yay for the good stuff!

As for the emotional detox that comes from the healing, why would you NOT want to go through it? It's so critical to forgive past hurts and allow yourself complete and total clarity and forgiveness. If you do not take the time to examine your feelings as they come up, I believe they can create toxic scenarios within the body that can cause physical damage down the line.

So, even though I deal with a lot of detox stuff in my videos, and if this looks like a painful process that you wouldn't wish on your enemy's dog… trust me. It is SO worth it!