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Juice Fasting: Making It Easy

by Carla Douglin 04/23/2012

People talk about how HARD juice fasting is. I think one of the reasons for resistance is because we are always trying to follow these rules that guarantee hard and fast results... and that's the problem! There IS no "hard and fast" rule (aside from drinking enough juice). Any food plan that you take on becomes such an individual pursuit. It's all about YOU, what you like, what fits into your schedule/routine, and what works for you.

For example, I am an admitted Type-A Virgo who loves to make tons of juice at one time. I prefer green juices (now) to fruit juices, and I'll drink whole mason jars in one sitting. I'm also perfectly happy drinking the same juice for days on end. That's MY juicing bliss, and is not for everyone.

What's YOUR juicing bliss? Do you like variety, or can you swing in the same structured routine daily? Do you prefer sweet or tart juice? Do you like mason jars or Thermoses? Do you prefer to make a new juice for every meal, or do you like making batches at a time? Whatever you decide is what works for you, and THAT is what makes it easy!

Stop following the "rules". Rewrite the juicing rule book to your perfect parameters. That's how it becomes easy!