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Cacao Bliss Face and Body Mask

by Kate Cirque 04/10/2012

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Who said that Chocolate is only meant to be eaten by your stomach?  Read on to learn how to eat chocolate through your skin as well.  This recipe will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, detoxified, blissed out- aka really YOUng.

This mask recipe came about from a smoothie recipe gone awry... we did not realize the power of the ingredients and exactly how potent cacao powder is.  So when we added too much cacao and the 'smoothie' turned into a gooey mess that we did not wish to consume, we saved it for a later day.

Well, the later day came when we decided to adventure to the beach and do body treatments.  What started out as a simple smoothie recipe of water, cacao powder and 'whatever else went in there' turned into a rejuvenating facial, body mask and later with the addition of sand from the beach a body scrub as well.  Thank you nature for always providing.

I would say that the real ingredients probably included banana, almond milk, perhaps other fruit, salt, etc.  However, Cacao powder and Water is all you need.  In a blender make your own combination... the only important part is to make the consistency thick enough to apply as a mask.

My own application technique is as follows:

Use a part of a Banana peel to apply the mask to the face in long, gentle sweeps.  Avoid the eyes, however if some happens to get into your mouth, it is all good.  Then place cucumber slices to the eyelids and cover with any type of leafy green- such as lettuce or spinach.  You can apply parts of the banana peel to the nose, cheeks, chin or forehead.  Leave to dry for 20-30 minutes.

While the face mask is drying, you can apply the body mask.  Use your hands to apply the cacao mask to legs, arms, neck, chest, back, etc.  Let the body mask sit and absorb for a while.

If you happen to be at the beach like we were, you get to do a body sand scrub as well!  Take some sand and pour on top of areas that already have body mask on them.  Make circular motions to scrub the dead layers of skin off.  This is especially great on the feet and heels and the gooey mask feels great between the toes!  If you decide to do a facial scrub, do be quite gentle, especially around the eyes.

If you are performing the body treatment at home, the recipient can be laying on a bed, floor or any other surface; just make sure to have a towel under them.  When done with the treatment, having a small hand towel soaked in hot water feels great to wipe off the face and body.  The recipient can then shower or just soak more in the bath.

If you are performing the body treatment at the beach, feel free to wash off in the ocean.

During the procedure, do feel your body absorbing theobroma cacao (aka the bliss molecule) through the skin, the oils nourishing the skin, and the mask drawing out toxins and other impurities.  What a beautiful day! Plant Powered Living cacao bliss face and body mask

Credits: model- Brittany, chef- Makoto, stand-by help/manager- Monique Martinez (Mo Diggitty), article written by and procedure performed by- Dr. K